ConPro 3D Products Inc. was established to offer a Rapid Prototyping Service committed to providing the client with a local, competitively priced solution for their precision prototype modeling needs.

We build prototypes suitable for fit, form and function by incorporating the FDM process to provide models in a choice of plastic materials. This process produces durable models with an achievable accuracy of +/- .005 of an inch (.12 mm) and remain dimensionally stable similar to the injection-moulded products they replicate. The strength of the ABS material is reportedly 60 - 80 % of an injection moulded ABS product and somewhat stronger again for the Polycarbonate material.

ConPro 3D Products Inc. guarantees to provide our clients with competitively priced high quality products delivered on time. We also extend to our clients the benefit of our 25 years experience related to the plastics industry. On request from our clients we will attend at their location to discuss those projects that may require particular care and attention.


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